About Foundation

Why Leverage Emerging Technology

Billions of dollars are spent on Social Responsibility & Charitable Projects, however, there is still a huge funding gap.

One of the issues that surround such projects is a lack of transparency, and therefore, often a lack of trust that funds will be used effectively. Once the money leaves the account of the donor, there is limited tracking or transparency available to determine exactly how the funds were used and who ultimately benefited.

Projects need to become more results and impact-focused, and trust in the recipient organization is crucial.

Potential of Blockchain

Blockchain has the potential to transform funding of Projects by enhancing transparency, reducing costs through disintermediation, and enabling new mechanisms for monitoring and tracking impact.

One of blockchain’s primary benefits is that it enables funding to be traced through every step, from donor to recipient, and record every action and intermediary along the way. Additionally, the use of smart contracts enables the determination of specific conditional milestones that must be reached before funds are disbursed.

Moreover, with cross-border money transfers, especially where multiple intermediaries are involved, blockchain can significantly reduce process inefficiencies and save costs. Payments are immediate, fees are lower, and the risk of loss or fraud is mitigated through tracking of the funds.

Get Involved

We created the Blockchain enabled Foundation as a Platform available for all Corporates & Family Offices, large or small, to track their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Reach out to us to learn how we use blockchain technology to ensure that our projects are funded in the way we intended them to be funded and that the beneficiaries of the projects always receive full funding, without any intermediaries being involved, thus ensuring compliance and real-time auditing trail.

Our focus

The objective of the Foundation is to benefit the following categories of people:

  • Children in developing countries, that are lacking access to education
  • Women in developing countries, that are lacking access to economic opportunities
  • Communities in developing countries, whose livelihoods were affected by environmental destruction of their communities

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